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product search Module

Provides a standalone search for products and Adapters for flamingo_commerce productService and productSearchService.

The basic idea is: * index products only once (per configuration area) in a standalone "productrepository" - this instance is then used by the adapters * the details of loading of products for indexing is NOT done by this module but should be done by other modules. For example there is a Loader that reads products from CSV in the module "csvCommerce"

Loading of products

Loading of products is done by implementing and registering the Loader interface:

    //Loader - interface to Load products in a Index
    Loader interface {
        Load(ctx context.Context,indexer *Indexer)

and register it in:



  enableIndexing: false
  repositoryAdapter: inmemory

Set the repositoryAdapter to "bleve" for an experimental repository implementation using search