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Coding conventions

Testing and documenting Code

In go you place your tests directly in the package. You can simply use the standard go testing tool.

To run tests of a certain package simply run the go test tool. For example:

go test -v

Also, we want to provide a useful go doc api documentation. Therefore, stick to the go doc conventions. Read more here:


  • Go doc conventions:
  • Prefer to do "blackbox" tests and append _test to the package name in your test files.
  • Use example_test.go with Example* test functions where it is useful to show examples.
  • Add a doc.go in case you want to provide a documentation for the package, and it doesn't fit anywhere else.

Flamingo Module documentation

Each module should have a file in its root:

  • The first line should be a h1 headline with the Title of the module e.g. # Cart Module
    • This will show up in the rendered documentation as page title as well
  • Any other headline should at least be h2 ## Subheadline in order to show up in the generated table of content later.