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This module provides:

  • a IndexUpdater for "commercesearch" module
  • an image controller that shows product images

Usage for products:

Place a products.csv and the product images in a folder - e.g. "ressources".

The images are served with the image controller under the default route /image/:size/:filename The ":size" parameter is in the form "widthxheight" - for example "200x" would scale the image to a width of 200px and the height is adjusted automatically. The allowed imagesizes need to be configured (see allowedImageResizeParamaters config below)

See the commerce-demo-carotene Demoshop for an example usage.

Categories are only indexed if a category.csv is given.


        path: "resources/products/products.csv"
        delimiter: ","
      # attribute value that should be split by comma (e.g. attributeXY: "valueA, valueB" => attributeXY: ["valueA", "valueB"])
      attributesToSplit: "attributeXY"
        path: "resources/categories/categories.csv"
        delimiter: ";"
    locale: "en_GB"
    currency: "GPB"
    allowedImageResizeParameters: "200x,300x,400x,x200,x300"

CSV Format

Use UTF8 encoded CSV with optional quotes and comma (,) as separator. Different delimters can be provided via config.

Product CSV

The text fields that are normally localized need to be postfixed with the configured local. So if you have the configuration flamingoCommerceAdapterStandalone.csvindexing.locale: en_GB a product title field name in the CSV need to be title-en_GB.

Price fields need to be postfixed with currency name. Asset and Images paths need to be relative to the CSV folder.

Mandatory fields:

  • marketplaceCode (the unique identifier of the product)
  • retailerCode (reference to the retailer)
  • title-LOCALE (the title)
  • productType (simple or configurable)
  • price-CURRENCY (optional for productType: configurable)
  • description-LOCALE

For configurable productType: * variantVariationAttributes (The attribute) * CONFIGURABLE-products (comma separated references to other products (use marketplacecode as id))

Optional: * shortDescription-LOCALE * metaKeywords-LOCALE (comma separated keywords) * saleable (1/0 if product is saleable true/false, if not provided assumed as true) * saleableFromDate (from when should the product be saleable, date string in RFC3339 format) * saleableToDate (till when should the product be saleable, RFC3339) * specialPrice-CURRENCY (promotional price) * retailerName
* categories (comma separated references to categories. Using the category code as identifier) * retailerCode (reference to the retailer / vendor of the product) * stockLevel (define stock level of product: in, out, low) * listImage * thumbnailImage * detailImage01,detailImage02 ... detailImage10 * ??? - any other field will be added as a product attribute

"hellokitty-s-red",98,"Hello Kitty S Red","Hello Kitty S Red","Hello Kitty S Red description","Hello Kitty is great",,"30.00",,,,,"productfiles/images/sanni-sahil-1173038-unsplash.jpg","productfiles/images/sanni-sahil-1173038-unsplash.jpg","productfiles/images/sanni-sahil-1173038-unsplash.jpg",,"clothing","aoepeople","cross_segment","hellokitty-s-red","kitty","simple","S","Red",,

Category CSV

Mandatory fields:

  • code
  • parent (code of the parent category, if root category same as code)
  • label-LOCALE (category label)