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Commerce (Product) Search Module

Provides Adapters for Flamingo Commerce to persist and retrieve products.

The provided adapters are:

  • productService (to retrieve single products)
  • productSearchService (to search for products - e.g. used on category listing page)
  • categoryService (for Flamingo Commerce "category" module - to receive categories and category trees). To use the Adapter you need to add the main CategoryModule to your bootstrap.
  • searchService (for Flamingo Commerce "search" module allowing searching for products documents). To use the Adapters you need to add the main SearchModule to your bootstrap.

The available products need to be indexed first and will be stored in a ProductRepository.

The module also provides an adapter to receive categories and Category Trees and provides an Adapter for the Flamingo Commerce CategoryService (

The total document count is also exposed as metric under flamingo-commerce-adapter-standalone/commercesearch/products/doc_count.


The indexing itself is not part of that module - because the indexing source might be something project specific. However - the module "csvindexing" implements an indexer that can be used to read products from a CSV file.

The indexing (loading) of products is done by implementing and registering the IndexUpdater interface:

// IndexUpdater interface to load products in an Index - secondary port
IndexUpdater interface {
// Indexer method that is called with an initialized Indexer. The passed Indexer provides helpers to update the Repository
Index(ctx context.Context, rep *Indexer) error

So you can implement that interface (port) by an own implementation (adapter) and then register your implementation:



With the setting flamingoCommerceAdapterStandalone.commercesearch.repositoryAdapter you can switch the repository implementation.

The default is a simple in-memory product index, that works for single instances.

Bleve Repository Adapter

You can also use the bleve based repository - bleve ( is a full text search and index for go. Supports sorting, facets and more.

    enableIndexing: true
    repositoryAdapter: "bleve"
      productsToParentCategories: true
      enableCategoryFacet: true
        # Add facet for the color attribute
        - attributeCode: "color"
          amount: 20
        # Add sorting for color attribute
        - attributeCode: "color"
          attributeType: "text" # field content: text, numeric, bool
          asc: true # Allow asc sorting
          desc: true # Allow desc sorting