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The prefix router overrides the "serve" command and offers additional prefixrouting.

This way you can achieve that different configuration areas are loaded based on an url prefix.


e.g. you can set the prefix in a configuration by using different configs for flamingo.router.* - for example like this:


flamingo.router.path: /en

You might then in another config area set it to a different prefix: config/de_de/config.yml:

flamingo.router.path: /de

Routing logic:

The prefixrouter runs in the following steps: 1. primaryHandlers: Check if (optional) available "primaryHandlers" match 2. prefixRouting: Check if the current url prefix matches one of the configured baseurls - and start routing in the matching configuration area. 3. secondaryHandlers: Check if (optional) available "secondaryHandlers" match

Register handlers:

If you like to add your own primary or secondary handlers you can use dingo to do so:


Available Handlers

This package also provides some typical primaryHandlers that may be useful for some projects - you can activate them by configuration:


A handler that redirects "/" to the configured target location. This is useful for the prefixrouter to redirect to a default prefix.

prefixrouter.rootRedirectHandler.enabled: true
prefixrouter.rootRedirectHandler.redirectTarget: "/en/"