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E-Mail place order adapter

Adapter that sends basic emails as soon as a customer places an order. Both the admin/owner of the shop as well as the customer get an email confirmation.

MailSender Port

To deliver an email a custom MailSender implementation can be used. The module comes with a default implementation that relies on basic SMTP functionality.

MailTemplate Port

Besides, the actual mail delivery there is also a port for defining the used email templates. There is a default implementation as well, see infrastructure/template for details.


There are various configurations that can be set. In addition, the default SMTP delivery needs some credentials to work.

    emailAddress: fulfilment@flamingo-shop.example
    fromMail: no-reply@flamingo-shop.example
    fromName: Flamingo Shop
      port: 587
      user: user
      password: %%ENV:SMTP_PASSWORD%%