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Module flamingo-carotene-pug-lint

Flamingo Carotene module for linting pug files. Based on official pug-lint package.

How to use

npm i -D flamingo-carotene-pug-lint

The pug-lint module will listen to the following commands: lint, lintPug, build, watchPug

You can put a .pug-lintrc.js into your project root.

See list of available rules

How it works

A child process will be opened to execute the linting of the pug files.

How to configure

This module exposes the following config

config.paths.pugLint = __dirname

pugLint The path to this module in your project

config.pugLint = {
  filesPattern: '/**/*.pug',
  breakOnError: false

filesPattern Glob pattern to find the files inside the src path

breakOnError True to break the process when an error occurred, false to only write it to output. Will be set to true for production build automatically.